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What makes a company successful? This is a question every HR expert should be able to answer. The MAS in Human Capital Management (MAS HCM) is consistently strategic and business-oriented in nature. The focus is on approaches used to set up professional standards for human resources. You acquire skills that will enable you to contribute more effectively to the achievement of corporate goals. We focus less on best practice and more on finding the best fit for you and your enterprise. Traditional HR models are critically assessed in order to break new ground. This is unique across Switzerland.

At a glance

Qualification: Master of Advanced Studies in Human Capital Management UAS Zurich (60 ECTS)

Start: continuously

Duration: 1½ - 5 years

Comment on costs: The fee for the MAS HCM (CHF 30'000.- bzw. CHF 30'300.-) is comprised of the fees for each individual Certificate of Advanced Studies programs. Included in the cost are course materials, set literature, and exam fees (excl. any resit fees).
Also included is a ZHAW user account. Course transcripts are made available electronically. For external seminars, overnight accommodation costs with breakfast are included.

If the necessary four CAS programs have been completed, supervision of the Master's thesis is included in the price paid.

Price per CAS program: CHF 6'900.-- (CHF 7'200.-)
Master Thesis: CHF 2'400.-
In each case, fees are payable on commencement of the respective certificate course.

Course fees are invoiced 30 days prior to commencement of the respective course and must be paid within 30 days.

Location: Classes take place at the ZHAW School of Management and Law in Winterthur (close to the main railway station).

Language of instruction: German

Objectives and content

Target audience

The MAS HCM is aimed at HR experts from all areas of commerce and public administration. Participants have several years' professional experience in a responsible position within HR management.


The program will make you an all-rounder, familiar with business administration ways of thinking and strategically-oriented, and thus capable of undertaking a wide variety of responsible HR roles. Irrespective of your position, you will be promoting professional practices in human resources. You will meet an increasing number of in-house demands with workable solutions which are derived from the particular corporate situation at the time.


The program’s modular structure enables you to arrange your studies so they fit in with your professional and personal priorities. The study program consists of four certificate courses and a Master's thesis. Depending on your personal goals, in addition to the compulsory CAS in Strategic Human Capital Management and HR Controlling, you must select three CAS programs offered by the Center for Human Capital Management. If desired, a maximum of one legally-oriented CAS (CAS Social Security Law for Corporate Practice or CAS Employment Law) can be chosen.

The following modules are available:

At the conclusion of your studies, you will have a maximum 18 weeks to produce and present a Master's thesis according to scientific criteria.

Students without a university degree acquire the necessary skills to produce a scientific paper by attending a continuing education academic writing course. This must be completed before beginning the Master's thesis.




Combined work-study program: The CAS programs take place on a fixed day of the week. The MAS HCM can also be taken as a full-time study program. Depending on the intensity of study, the MAS HCM takes from 1½ years up to a maximum 5 years to complete.

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The Master's program is aimed at:

Admission to the Master's study program is subject to a personal interview in Winterthur. A final decision regarding admission is made by the Head of Studies of the MAS in Human Capital Management.

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